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About Beatles UK EMI Matrix and Mother Stampers

On this page we will explain how to decode the stampers on a UK EMI vinyl.,Typically an original 1966 UK Beatles record.

The Matrix:

This can be found on the run off grooves typically at six oclock and would have for example –1 or perhaps –2 endings an example of a matrix, Let us say for a UK Beatles mono Rubber Soul would be XEX 638-1

The 'XEX' prefix would =mono The 'YEX' prefix would=stereo

-1 indicates the first lacquer that was made -2 would indicate the second lacquer that was made –3 the third and so on!

With looking at the matrix at six oclock we can see a set of markings at three and nine oclock.

At nine oclock these are the mother for example this could be a number #5

At three oclock these are the stamper codes:

It is important to note that EMI used a code ‘’GRAMOPHLTD’’

G=1 R=2 A=3 M=4 O=5 P=6 H=7 L=8 T=9 D=0 

So if for example our Beatles Rubber Soul Had the letters ‘G R M’ at three oclock, the stamper code would be G=1 R=2 M=4 STAMPER #124

So in my example on one side we see that this was made from the first lacquer, by the #5th mother and pressed by the #124th stamper!

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