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My Garrard 401 Transcription Turntable (Currently For Sale)

Friday, February 03, 2017

My Garrard 401 Transcription Turntable (Currently For Sale)

Garrard 401 Transcription Turntable

My garrard turntable, purchased from new in the early 1970's is complete with SME tone arm and mahogony base and perspex lid.

This has totally original parts and there are no re-manufactured or replaced parts, very rare to find because most of these turntables found for sale have been re-ferbished. This unit still has the original two pin plug which I have never changed in almost 47 years! This is fully functional and everything is working. The turntable is smooth and silent but more importantly the sound is awesome, a very warm sound that is only found on these earlier units that have these heavy solid bases. The unique warm feel that comes from these units can not be compared to the later tuntables of today which give a much more clinicle sound compared to these Garrard 401's.

As a side note, I still have the original FM tuner/amplifier that I also purchased at the time, a Leak stereo 70 which you can also see in the photo gallery.


Garrard 401 Transcription Turntable


Make Me An Offer!

If anyone is interested in making me a sensible offer then please let me know? I can be contacted here or by telephone +44 (0)770 8289000 Please note: This unit is very heavy and I can not send the unit by post. Thanks for taking the time to view this page.


More information about the turntable can be found  here


Garrard 401 Transcription Turntable


Garrard 401 Transcription Turntable

Garrard 401 Transcription Turntable

Garrard 401 Transcription Turntable

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