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Welcome to Vinyl Records section. I have been collecting vinyl for more than 45 years now and have accumulated more than 50,000 albums alone. Most are UK Pressings. I am going to try to list as many records on this site as I have time for. Many are becoming extremely collectable and sought after. We hope to build up a strong unit of registered users that can submit their requests for records that we may have in stock but not yet listed in our online shop.

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Please register with us or login for free. We will be offering many cool features such as free apps for your mobile phone and discounts on records offered in our online shop.

Preview the Vinyl DNA Beatles 1st UK Pressings App

Or direct link to download the App for your Android Mobile phone or tablet Here

The Beatles DNA 1st UK Pressings App is now available for FREE download For the Android mobile system. Users will have to register to be able to download the App.

Mootz Vinyl Records Carousel Gallery

Visit our gallery section to view the latest records to be featured in our online shop when you click on an image and select the "i" info icon there will be a link directly to the shop which will show more details about the record. Click Here to go to the carousel.

Vinyl Records Online Shop

Please visit our online shop. We will be constantly updating our inventory of music from many genres from 60s pop & Beat to 70s Progressive, blues,folk,Heavy Metal,Rock'n Roll, acoustic etc. Click here to go to the shop or alternatively go to the menu panel at the top of each page and select "SHOP"