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My First Hand Made Fan Fretted Brook Acoustic Guitar Beauty

This Guitar was hand made for me by Brook Guitars and is part of their Tavy range. Their models are names after west country rivers.

To view the guitar at 360 degress click and drag on the guitar with the mouse

Fan fret brook guitar

Below are more images of my guitar that I play daily

It was made for me by the top hand made luthiers, Brook Guitars, run by Simon and Andy based in the heart of the Westcountry, Devon, England.
The look and feel of this guitar is outstandingly beautiful. I believe that this was one of the first fan fretted guitars that they had been asked to make and actually made for a customer. Since the great success of this fan fretted guitar they have made many more for other customers.

Click on the thumbs to see large image in the gallery.

So why a fanned fret guitar?

The main influence for me was seeing Andy Mckee perform.
I was intrigued by the guitars that he played.I noticed the strange arrangement of the frets, unlike anything I had seen before.

Fanned Fret Guitars are characterised by a multi-scale fingerboard with frets that "fan out" at different angles instead of the more standard frets that are perpendicular to the instrument’s neck.
The main principle and idea of fanned frets allow for a longer scale length which is the distance between the nut and bridge on the bass strings rather than on the treble strings. This evens the tonality and the tension of the six strings, making the guitar sound clearer and play more smoothly.

Because I had never played a fan fretted guitar before ,I was cautious about having the fan too extreme and that it might feel unnatural . Strangely enough ,even after using a standard guitar before I actually played my fanned fretted guitar, the transition was barely noticable and instantly felt natural.
This guitar has benefits that include more comfortable and more natural play, better intonation, and better control of the tension of the strings across the fretboard.

The Woods used to make the guitar.

European Spruce was used on the front.
Kew Walnut was used for the back (Actual wood from a tree that fell down in Kew Gardens)
scale length: 640 & 660
Stained black bone nut & saddle.
Ebony Finger board & bridge.
Mahogony neck

I love the play,the look and the .sound of this guitar so much that I have now commisioned Brook Guitars to make me another guitar but this time with a fuller fan fret.
I can't wait to see and play my new guitar which should be ready for collection early in the New year 2014. I have already started compiling photos of the new guitar as it is being made .

I will feature an article on this guitar also , so please stay tuned.
View more lovely guitars on Brookguitars website.

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Comments (2)

I Love You Jake and I Really Love your guitar (more than you) ha (Not) please remember me when your rich and famous !! ha ha :) x

Name: Hamish
Nice clear photos. what is the price of something like this? tell me what the logo is, is it initials? thanks.

JDM: Thanks for your comment Hamish. The price will depend on what you would want made. Design, woods etc. For more info you can contact Brooks directly at They will give you all the information about prices. You are correct, the logo is my initials.

Name: Hamish
Do you have any videos showing you playing this guitar?

JDM: Yes there are some video on our YouTube channel. I will feature some videos here in the articles soon so please visit back?