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Brook Guitars  Tamar Custom Fanned Fret Acoustic Guitar

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Fan fret brook guitar

Made By Brook Guitars Fine British Handmade Guitar Luthiers

This is my second handmade guitar which has been custom built by Simon and Andy and the Brook Guitars team.
The whole project took aproximately ten months to complete. Brook worked closely with me to produce this awesome instrument from concept to design and then the final build. I m absolutely delighted with the way it has turned out. The guitar not only looks the way that I invisaged it but sounds superb also.

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Thanks To Simon,Andy and the Brook Team at Brook Guitars

About a year ago, I decided to ask our friends Simon and Andy at Brook Guitars to make me my second custom hand made guitar. More information about the build coming soon. Brook Guitars website can be found at www,

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In my previous article. Features my first custom Hand Made, half fan fretted Brook Guitar. This guitar I have loved and used every day. Beautifully made and sounds fantastic again thanks to Brook Guitars.See Here

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