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Personal Collection Of UK Vinyl Records

Collected over a period of more than 45 years. I have accumulated more than 50,000 albums.

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Many genres of music featured from 60s Beat, Rock n’ Roll, Rock, Prog Rock, Classic Rock,  Blues, Delta Blues Heavy Metal, Folk and many more. Most are UK vinyl records.

Most of these albums are still in storage. I will update this site periodically with any new items that I feel may be interesting. This site will be used used to feature some of my most collectable and rarest UK vinyl records that I have. Note many of the records will be available for purchase, so please do not hesitate to enquire of please send me a ‘want list’ because there will be many that I just do not have the time to list.

What makes these so special to me is the condition. To see a record that is over 45 years old that is still in beautiful condition, is becoming rarer.

All of my records are kept with the vinyls separated from the sleeves and covers. This is how I have always stored my records.

Please Note: Not all of the records listed are for sale. Please contact me if there are any records of interest. We may at a later stage implement online sales but at this stage we only handle inquiries. So please drop us a line with your interests or if you have any interesting records for sale.

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Record Matrixes and Stampers

I found out early in my record collecting career that the best audio quality found on vinyl were records that feature the earliest stampers. When comparing these with the same record but with much later stampers, it was quite clear to me that later stampers produced a much more bland or dull sound, compared to early stampers equivalant. It was always my focus to seek out the earliest stampers to get the best audio quality available on vinyl.  This is the reason why the earliest pressings with the earliest stampers are much more desirable and in general are more expensive to purchase..

In our Articles Section, I have written some information about how a vinyl is made and articles of how to identify some of these early stampers for Parlophone and Decca UK Record Pressings. This should give you a starting point to understanding more about these pressings.

(Note: Stamper/Mother stamper formats changed in the 70s and onward and are not covered in my articles)

UK Pressings

I personally have always tried to focus mainly on purchasing UK vinyl record pressings. Mainly the reason being that I am based in the UK. It was better to focus my vinyl collecting efforts on one thing rather than deviating in to other foreign pressings. Of course there are ocasions that I would come across a foreign pressing when purchasing collections but 99% of my collection are UK pressings .

Arguably UK vinyl records feature some of the best audio quality found on vinyl. This can make a long discussion or debate. I personally also love the audio quality on early German pressings. I have found that their early stereo pressings are superior in some cases even to UK pressings. At some point the German Stereo reproduction quality was superior to UK  in my opinion. The bottom line is that I have not spent the time or inclination to compare the audio with other pressings from other countries.

We Buy Records

If you have any interesting records for sale or are thinking of selling a collection then please drop me a line. The most important thing to me is the condition. I have never purchased records just for their rarety but for me the rarety is the condition which has to be at least better than excellent condition.

My Record Gradings

I follow no practice other than my own personal opinion to grading a record. Note: I would rarely list or show a VG record unless it is deemed by me to be very rare and I thought that it would be worth the effort to show the record. At least 95% of my records shown on this site , I would grade at least excellent, meaning that the record is in nice presentable condition and of course playable to the extent that it is still enjoyable. Interferance is to be expected on some records but I would obviously highlight any defects or problems that there might be.


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