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Mootzart Poor Man Zart Debut Album Now Available

Poor Man Zart

Mootzart Poor Man Zart Debut Album Now Available

The new Mootzart debut valbum called Poor Man Zart is now available on all major sites.

The album features destructive, retro production styles blended with modern ITB digital methods. The idea for the album is for it to be multi genre and will feature styles of Prog, Funk, Rock, Electronic, Blues and more.

Track Listing:

1. F’eked Noir 3:03

2. Feeling Beat 2:29

3. Back in My Day 4:49

4. Poor Man Zart 0:45

5. Mellow D 2:58

6. Zart Sonata 4:40

7. Fluorescence 4:06

8. Wires Without Veins 4:51

All tracks written and composed by Mootzart

Artwork drawn by Kelly G and edited by Mootzart. 

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Please support and buy Mootart new debut album “Poor Man Zart” available on all major platforms.

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