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New JDM Mootzart EP Available FREE Download!

New JDM Mootzart EP Available FREE Download!

My new Mootzart House EP is now available for free download.
Click here to go to my Music portfolio page, mouse over the artwork image and click the link to download the free EP to hear it in high quality audio. (NOTE TO REQUEST A COPY OF THE EP PLEASE REQUEST AT MY FACEBOOK)

In order to download the file you will be prompted to login (if not already logged in) or quick register for downloads. The file is in a compressed Zip format and you will need to unzip the file to view and play the content. The audio files format are high quality AIFF-C audiotype files and should be playable on most Audio media programmes such as Itunes or Windows Media Player etc.

Total compressed Zip file size is 115.4 MB

We hope that you enjoy the music!
You comments and feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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Mootzart EP Cover 

For our music production and composition please visit our website at Mootzart

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