John Mayall Back To The Roots !st UK Polydor 1971 Complete w/Booklet


John Mayall Back To The Roots  STEREO Cat No. 2657 005 1971 Original 1ST UK Pressing COMPLETE WITH BOOKLET

Another from my personal collection. 1st issue 1st UK pressing 1971 of John Mayall’s Back To The Roots double lp. I decided to list this for its outstanding audio quality which for me the audio quality has always been my primary objective for collecting vinyl over the past 45 years or more. The vinyl was play tested and recorded at loud volume on a top system . The audio is stunning clear and vibrant without distortion. There is isolated light static background ticks heard here and there only but no loud nasty constant clicks or pops. I would grade the audio at least excellent plus in my opinion. The original  un-laminated rough textured 1st issue gatefold E.J.Day  printed cover is in nice condition In general still in nice condition for its age. Full description below.

Back to the Roots is a 1971 double album by John Mayall released on Polydor.[2] Recording sessions took place both in California and London where Mayall invited some former members of his band, notably guitarists Eric Clapton and Mick Taylor. At the end of the 1980s Mayall remixed some tracks and issued them along with some of the older material as Archive to the Eighties. An expanded two-CD version of Back to the Roots now includes both the original and later remixed versions of the tracks.
Besides Mayall, who sang and played piano and guitar, the musicians who recorded the original tracks were:

Eric Clapton, Mick Taylor, Harvey Mandel and Jerry McGee on guitars;
Larry Taylor and Steven Thompson on bass;
Keef Hartley and Paul Lagos on drums;
Johnny Almond on saxophone and flute.

For Archive to the Eighties Mayall recorded new bass and drums tracks played by Bobby Haynes and Joe Yuele.


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The Audio Quality
I have played thes vinyls four  times prior to listing, at very loud volume on a top system,,  This vinyl plays through as a new vinyl would in my opinion! One of the best sounding copies that I have ever heard all instruments were prominent and a controlled audio feel only heard like this in this condition! The audio is absolutely beautiful, crystal clear and very vibrant with that deep bassey feel , only found like this on these earliest originals! I heard (no) clicks or pops and amazingly no real surface or background static during the audio and importantly no distortion or signs that this has been overplayed at all! There are Certainly no skips or jumps! Even in between tracks this is lovely, quite unbelievable to find like this after all these years!  ,, without the usual background surface noise that is so often heard on these early pressings. I would grade the audio very near as mint throughout!
An audiophile Audio archive copy never need to upgrade in my opinion!
hear for your self in the player above, actual recording from the vinyl!
Please note! I always add this disclaimer! I have given my honest opinion when describing the audio quality of this album and those who know the listings and vinyls that i sell my prime interest is the audio quality! Please allow for the odd isolated static but nothing consistent  through out the audio! This is a genuine (not) reissue vinyl that is 50 years old and would have been played on a system that is 50 years old! Audio like new in my opinion.
Please note, this album has been stored in a case laying dormant for at least 45 years or more. A build up of dirt and dust in the grooves causes static\ crackle. A constant clean before each play is recommended. This will reduce any static and will enhance the audio quality. Points to note, I notice debrit on the playing surface after play so this will need cleaning before each play which will further enhance this audio quality..

The Matrix Endings
Side 1. “A#1”
Side 2. “B#1”
Side 3. “A#1”
Side4. “B#1” The Vinyls
This vinyl is the original much, much thicker and heavier type for robust than later reissues with deeper grooves. This is free of any warping. On initial inspection of the playing surface looks superb and lays perfectly flat on the turntable. In strong light I struggle to see any scratches or marks on all four sides. Any other marks that there could possibly be would be light whispy sleeve removal only.The Audio
Outstanding audio on all four sides this not only looks barely played but sounds like new vinyls in my opinion. Audio on all four sides grade at least excellent plus to near mint in my opinion

The Labels
This is the original Polydor labels!  I barely can see any spidering at all , little if no spindle wear the hole is perfectly round. ”MADE IN GREAT BRITAIN”.! (UK PRESS ONLY)!

The Record Sleeves
These are the original plain white  ,poly lined record sleeve (Correct for this pressing) Becoming fragile at the edges light creasing/staining with age only.  Nice and bright condition.  Please note, THIS IS THE ORIGINALS! The vinyl is always stored separately from the vinyl for protection. This is how I always store my records.
The Cover
The original   1st UK PRESS  E.J.DAY & CO textured gatefold cover. This cover in  nature is very flimsy and is very difficult to find in good condition especially after 44 years. There are no real creases to mention There are no splits or tears the cover is strong and straight any rubbing wear at the edges are seen only if looked for in my opijnion. All text is readable.  I would grade this cover at excellent to excellent plus in my opinion. Very very hard to find in this condition believe me!
The Booklet
Rarely seen complete with the original booklet in this condition. This is wonderful lovely and clean and straight!


A stunner superb Blues rock album to have and own.

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