Beatles A Collection Of Beatles Oldies 1st UK Press MINT ARCHIVE


Beatles A Collection Of Beatles Oldies 1st UK Press MINT ARCHIVE



General: Rarely do Near Mint Archive copies as good as this arise. Just take a look at this beauty. Looks like the day that it just came out of the shop.

The Cover:
This features the lovely laminated front only,  flipback rear Printed and made by Garrod & Lofthouse 1st UK issued pressing Y/B Parlohone pressings WITH ‘GRAMOPHONE CO’. label rim text.  Super glossy laminated front the rear is clean with NO nasty creases Visually the cover is at least excellent plus to near mint. Lovely cover square spine. Archive Copy like it just came out of the shop!

The record sleeve:
Original EMI/ advertizing serpier sleeve. No splits or tears. Light creasing only.

The Matrix:
Side 1“YEX 616-1G”
Side 2 “YEX 617-1G”

The Mother Stampers

Side 1 “3” “GA”
Side 2 “”3” “GG”


The Vinyl:
The playing surface is immaculate I can’t see any nasty marks or needle scratches or indeed any marks that would cause any  clicks or pops any marks that could possibly be seen angled to the light would be light sleeve removal only. Visually graded at least Near Mint looks almost as unplayed in my opinion.

The Audio Quality:
This plays perfectly. Clean clear and vibrant through out no distortion . I would grade this audio at  near mint. This is very clear and vibrant, An audio archive copy.

The Labels:
Feature the 1st issued Y/B Parlophone labels  features “The Gramophone Co….”  Rim text.  “Sold In The UK…..” Across the labels. K.T. Tax code stamped on side 1.  (Only 1st UK Press) clean both sides only one spider mark can be seen on one side only. No spindle wear the hole is perfectly round.


This would be the 1st issue to be released in the UK with this label variation Y/B Parlophone Labels in 1967, earliest before bar codes were introduced to the covers. An archive copy never need to upgrade.

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