Buddy Holly That’ll Be The Day


Buddy Holly That’ll Be The Day

1st Pressing ((MONO)) 1958
Impossibly Rare 1st issue Cat No. DL 8707 Black & Silver DECCA Labels


Another from my personal collection. This incredible 55 year old lp is certainly the most sought after and desirable Buddy Holly records to ever find weather North American or US!

This being the first original North American , Canadian Pressing 1958 with the silver bars on the labels on the original Decca Black and silver text Decca labels incredibly rare! Very few were initially produced as opposed to the later Decca releases which makes this so desirable to collectors! Please note This album is sold for its collectability rather that for its condition there is general ware and tare on the vinyl with age visually some surface and needle scratches revealed on the playing surface does have some, if not very little effect on the audio in the form of light but isolated static ticks here and there, but some how seems in keeping with these 50s recordings in my opinion . Having said that the audio is graded at least excellent to excellent plus for the most part. stunningly vibrant! crystal clear and very vibrant without skips or sticking and the amazing thing is that this has obviously not been over played in my opinion there is no distortion through out the play. I have play tested the vinyl at very loud volume on a top system four times importantly using a dedicated mono cartridge! (listen to the sample recording complete both sides, actual recording from the vinyl) Well there is the cover. The 1st issue original Decca Records inc. cover is absolutely stunning throughout without creases splits or tares at all. Incredibly difficult to ever find these without edge splits and wear or even find these originals at all! I would grade the cover at least excellent plus and I don’t think that you would find better. Please note the cover has always been stored in a case with the vinyl removed from the sleeve and cover for protection which has obviously kept this cover from damage over the years. One of the most sought after and collectable Rock’n Roll albums being the 1st pressing from one of the most influential musicians of all time. 55 years old like this so rare to find anywhere!

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The Matrix

Side 1 “MG6149T1” (“J.1” stamped at 12 oclock )
Side 2 “MG6148T2” (“J.1” stamped at 12 oclock )

The Vinyl

This is the original thicker , heavier chunky slab of vinyl only found like this on the earliest original pressings with deep grooves! (Later press are much more flimsier and less robust)!
The vinyl lays perfectly flat on the turntable and is free of any warps. The vinyl has retained its original sheen from new in my opinion on initial inspection this looks like it has obviously not been over played in my opinion at least I can’t see signs of groove ware. On close inspection I can see light surface marks scuffs and some small needle scratches only but nothing too significant in my opinion some do have just a little effect only on the play back at least there is no nasty marks that would cause any loud constant clicks or pops, fortunately these original vinyls feature deep grooves which means that a lot of marks are not noticed during the audio.

The audio quality

I have played this track for track at very loud volume prior to listing at very loud volume four times,, Importantly using a dedicated mono cartridge! From the moment that the needle hits the playing surface , it is obvious that this vinyl in my opinion has certainly not been over played. The audio is stunning crystal clear and vibrant, very bright and clear throughout, without any signs of distortion at all and plays with a lovely deep bassey feel only found like this on earliest pressings! Any interference heard was isolated minor static type mostly isolated ticks only. I would grade the audio at least excellent to excellent plus for the most part in my opinion! very rich and vibrant through out very minor interference only)

Please note! I always add this disclaimer! Please allow for isolated static ticks minor background in between tracks only, and not consistent through out the audio. Please remember that this is a genuine 55 year old record that would have originally been played on a 55 year old system.

The Labels

These are the original Unboxed 1st issue Black & Silver Decca labels with the silver bars and feature “BROADCAST UNDER LICENCE-COMPO CO LTD, CANADA” top rim text (Only Earliest 1st press see photos) The labels are rich in colour and are very clean , all text is fully readable. Very minimal spidering can be seen around the spindle hole but the spindle hole is free of any ware and is perfectly round! There is very minor scuffing on the labels mention only really noticed if looked for in my opinion.

The Record Sleeve

This is a plain white paper sleeve no splits or tares just light creasing with age. The vinyl is now always stored seperately from the sleeve and cover in an anti static sleeve. This is how I have always stored my records.

The Cover

This Is The Original 1st issue thick card Canadian printed by Decca inc. It is hard to believe that this cover is 55 years old! There are No splits or tares. all text is readable! There are no real creases or ware to mention on the front this is lovely! To be highly critical I can see tiny pin holes at one bottom corner but these are certainly not noticed unless looked for. The rear is also exceptionally clean with any fading or yellowing barely noticed again unless looked for. The cover has always been seperated from the vinyl and sleeve since purchased from new! Unbelievably rare like this! Graded at excellent plus in my opinion


It is hard to believe that this is an incredible 53 years old. Audio is astoundingly good. Contact me for sample sound clips available.