Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band Ice Cream For Crow UK Press


Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band Ice Cream For Crow

Cat No. OVED 121 1982 Virgin Records

Ice Cream for Crow is the twelfth and final studio album by Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band, released in September 1982. It is the last Don Van Vliet recorded before abruptly retiring from music to devote himself to a career as a painter. It spent two weeks in the UK album charts, reaching number 90, but failed to make the Billboard Top 200.


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The Vinyl:
 On visual inspection I can’t see any needle scratches or indeed any marks that would cause any clicks or pops. Any marks that could possibly be seen anglerd in strong light would be light whyspy sleeve removal type only. The playing surface is lovely.

The Audio Quality:
I have played this vinyl at very loud volume prior to this listing on a top system. The audio is cristal clear and vibrant through out no distortion or any signs of groove wear at all. I heard no clicks or pops during the play of this vinyl. Lovely sounding copy. Audio graded at near mint in my opinion.

The Matrix:
Side 1″OVED 121 A-3U-1-1″
Side 2″OVED 121 B-2U”

The Labels:
These are the original 1st issue Virgin Labels: Any spidering can barely be seen angled to the light and there is little if no spindle wear the hole is perfectly round. This has obviously only had very minimal play in mt opinion.

The Record Sleeve:
This is the original Emitex record sleeve light creasing, browning, becoming fragile with age only.

The Cover:
This is the original un laminate Virgin Records cover  There is just a small corner crease to mention only. no edge splits or tares. I would grade this at least excellent to Excellent plus in my opinion.

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