FAMILY ANYWAY 1st UK PRESS 1970 Reprise Mint ArChIvE With Poster


FAMILY ANYWAY 1st UK PRESS 1970 Reprise Mint ArChIvE With Poster


Another from my personal collection, Barely ever played and in absolutely supebe condition throughout! This earliest ist issue \ 1st UK pressing was only issued with the gatefold lyric insert in a perspex cover! This you will only find on original ist issues!! Very very rare and sought after in complete condition! This vinyl plays near perfect throughout on my systems and has had just bare a handful of play only! The perspex cover is near as mint rare with no splits or tears. gatefold insert is very near mint! This is the earliest A-1 B-1Matrix!!
Family were an English rock band that formed in 1967 and disbanded in 1973. Their style has been characterised as progressive rock, although their sound often explores other genres, incorporating elements of such styles as folk, psychedelia, acid, jazz fusion and basic rock ‘n’ roll. The band was never particularly successful in the United States, although Family did achieve recognition in the United Kingdom, appearing at several festivals!!!.
Anyway is the fourth album from the British progressive rock band Family. Side one was recorded at a concert at Fairfield Halls in the Croydon section of London; side two was a collection of studio recordings!!!.
Anyway was a stopgap album between A Song For Me and Fearless, evenly divided between a concert side and a studio side. The record was originally meant to be a double live album, but the band felt the available recordings weren’t up to par; the Fairfield Halls performances here were meant to satisfy fans who wanted an example of their concert work on disc. Apart from a studio recording of “Strange Band” issued on an EP, none of the songs performed live, in fact, had ever been released in any form!!.
The concert recordings perfectly caught the thunder of Family live, with fiery performances of “Good News Bad News,” a scathing indictment of upper-class control of the masses, and the cryptic “Strange Band” that offered up some of Charlie Whitney’s heaviest guitar riffs and Roger Chapman’s nastiest vocals. By contrast, the band featured a tender performance of the ballad “Willow Tree” and a crisp take on the folk-rock tune “Holding The Compass.” Poli Palmer concentrates mainly on vibraphone, and Townsend displays an array of drum patterns!!.
Side two finds Family experimenting with different instruments and arrangements that, as always, tries to break new ground rather than rely on previous innovations. “Part of the Load,” about touring America, displays descriptive lyrics against a tough bass line and a shuffling drum pattern. The title song experiments with exotic percussion, and the instrumental “Normans” is an unconventional waltz track. “Lives And Ladies” closes Anyway with an antiwar message and a tight band performance!!
Much of what Family achieved on Anyway laid the groundwork for their next album, Fearless!!


Please see the photos of the labels for the track listing!

The Vinyl

On visual inspection this vinyl looks absolutely superb! The vinyl lays perfectly flat on the turntable! This is the original heavier thicker type of vinyl with deeper grooves only found on these original earliest pressings!!! They are also more robust than later pressings which were more flimsier!!!Initial inspection I can barely see a blemish at all on the playing surface!! In strong light only could possibly any very light wispy surface marks  be seen Sleeve removal only in my opinion, at least no audio sounding marks or scratches that I heard! These would have (no) adverse effect on this awesome and absolutely near perfect audio throughout on my systems!!!
The Audio Quality

 I CAN’T SEE ANY NEEDLE OR AUDIO SOUNDING MARKS OR SCRATCHES Please note!  Certainly (no) marks that are audio sounding that I heard that would produce any loud clicks or pops during the audio at all!  I have played this through track for track as usual on a top system at very loud volume and the audio is rated at the top graded as good as it gets on any format in my opinion !  This is crystal clear and vibrant through out. This plays with (no) signs of any distortion or that this has been overplayed WHAT SO EVER (No Clicks or Pops at all)! In fact this has been stored in a case laying dormant for over 35 years and only initially ever played a handful of times only! mega mega rare like this! I would class myself as highly critacle! Please look at my completed listings of records that i have sold of this and you will see that i normally get it right. Audio is graded at the top!!! You will find the audio quality on this vinyl hard to surpass!!!Audio graded very near mint!

Please note! I always make this disclaimer! Please allow for the odd static crackle (not) consistent throughout the audio! Please remember that this is a genuine 39 year old vinyl (not a reissue) that would have originally been played on a 39 year old system!
Please note! This has been stored in a case for at least 25 years! Any static crackle that might be heard during some quiet parts could be minimised by constant cleaning before each play in my experience!, Build up of dust and dirt that has accumalated over the years from the vinyl being stored! laying dormant causes most of this problem so please allow for some light static crackle as  previously mentioned!!!!! I would class myself as highly critical ! Please look at my completed listings of records that I have sold of this calaber and you will see that I normally get it right!

The Matrix

Side 1 ”RSX 9005 A-1” (Hand Etched only 1st UK Press)
Side 2 ”RSLP 9001 B-1” (Hand Etched only 1st UK Press)
The Mother Stampers
Side 1 ‘’A’’ ”1” (Mega early Stampers)
Side 2 ”2” ”1” (Mega early Stampers)

The Labels

These feature the 1st issue Reprise Steamboat labels (only 1st press) in superb condition! Barely a four of spider trails can be seen on one side only angled to the light, there is little if no spindleware the hole is perfectly round! It is quite obvious to me that this vinyl has had only minimal play only, in my opinion this has barely ever been played, this has certainly not been played in the last 25 years!!

The Record Sleeve

This is a plain white poly lined sleeve.

The Perspex Cover

This is the original perspex cover (only released with the Earliest 1st issues)This is complete but does have any splits or tears. These normally are seen with browning with age but not this one!
The Cover insert
This is the original ist issue West Bros printed Gatefold Lyric insert. The perspex cover has preserved this in very near mint condition! Mega rare like this beleive me!

The Promotional Poster insert.

This has the promotional poster which is rarely ever seen. In superb condition. No splits or tears. Very rare and scarce.