King Crimson USA Cat No. ILPS 9316 Island Top Audio


King Crimson USA Cat No. ILPS 9316 island top Audio

Another from my personal collection Original 1st UK pressing on the Island pink rim labels featuring the earliest A-1 B-1 Matrix endings! and the earliest possible “1” to “1” mother stampers both sides! 1st pressings of this album rarely surfaces for sale. Wow what an album, the audio is quite an eye opener, clear and vibrant throughout. There is the odd isolated static crackle and ticks heard in some of the quieter places and at the intro to the first track on side one but the actual main audio is impressive in my opinion and without and loud constant clicks or pops heard. I would grade the audio better than excellent to excellent plus in my opinion.  A very playable and enjoyable album to have and own. The original 1st issue Robor printed fully laminated  cover is also super glossy clean and straight with just light laminate lift at the spine and bottom edge corner common on this pressing.
A great playable and collectable psych Jazz progressive rock album.


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The Vinyl:
  On visual inspection I can’t see any needle scratches or indeed any marks that would cause any loud constant clicks or pops. Any marks that could possibly be seen angled in strong light would be light whyspy sleeve removal type minor scratches only.

The Audio Quality:
I have played the vinyl throughout. The audio is clear and vbrant. There is isolated static type tick and crackle in quieter places only to mention. No skips or jumps. I would grade the audio at least excellent to excellent plus. Please ask if you wish to hear the recording.

The Matrix:
Side 1″A-1″
Side 2″B-1″

The Mother Stampers
Side 1 “1”G M””
Side 2″1″”P”

The Labels:
These are the 1st issue Island labels Any spidering is minimal be seen angled to the light and there is little if no spindle wear the hole is perfectly round. This has obviously only had very minimal play in my opinion.

The Record Sleeve:
This is the original island record sleeve light creasing, browning, becoming fragile with age only very small tear only at bottom corner.

The Cover:
This is the fully laminated Robor Printed  cover no splits or tares light edge creases near the spine with some laminate lift (Common on these covers) and minor corner bumping  graded excellent.

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