Mott The Hoople Debut 1st UK Press Pink Island


Mott The Hoople Debut 1st UK Press Pink Island

Mott The Hoople (debut) 1969

Original 1st UK Pressing Cat NO. ILPS 9108 1st Issue Island Pink I Labels!

 49 Years Old Like This!

Stunning Near Mint Audio! (Amazing looks & Sounds barely played)

Stunning Near Mint Vinyl!

Earliest ILPS 9108 A#2 & IPLS 9108 B#2 Matrix Endings

Complete With Poly lined Record Sleeve

1st Issue Un laminated Gatefold Cover!

The Matrix

Side 1 “ILPS 9108 A#2” 

Side 2 “ILPS 9108 B#2

The Audio Quality

I have played this vinyl two times prior to listing, at very loud volume on a top system. This49 year old vinyl plays through superbly my opinion, plays like a new vinyl! Clear and very vibrant with that deep bassey feel , only found like this on these earliest 1st UK originals! I heard (no) loud constant clicks or pops during the audio and amazingly no real nasty surface or background static during the audio and importantly no distortion or signs that this has been overplayed at all!    I would grade the near mint throughout!

The Labels

This is the original Pink Island labels! with ”I” Logo  (Only 1st UK press)  ”MADE IN GREAT BRITAIN”.! (UK PRESS ONLY)!

There is little if (no) spindle ware (the hole is perfectly round) see photo.  ) Amazingly there is barely a handful of very feint spider traces that can barely be seen only. This has barely ever been played at all in my opinion.

The Record Sleeve

This is the original poly lined record sleeve (Correct for this pressing) Becoming fragile light creasing /fading with age only No edge splits or tears nice condition.  Please note, THIS IS THE ORIGINAL .

The Cover

The original   1ST UK PRESS  un-laminated gate fold cover! Please note: There is general edge wear/scuffing with age and use. The text at the spine is worn. the main front and rear looks straight and free of marks or creases and generally looks nice. the inside is also clean and free of any marks. Overall and yellowing or fading is very minimal. Apart from the edge rubbing which really is only noticable if looked for in my opinion, I would grade this cover at excellent concidering this does not have any nasty creases.