Pink Floyd Eclipsed I and II Mint UK


Pink Floyd Eclipsed I and II Mint UK

Pink  Floyd ECLIPSED I

Pink Floyd Eclipsed I was recorded from Live Stereo FM concert Broadcasts Rainbow Theatre/London February 17, 1972


Eclipsed II was recorded from Live Stereo FM Concert Broadcasts BBC/Peel Session 1971 Original pressings on Ecoercive label.

Original UK Press Cat No LP5452-24
Black Vinyls
2X LP Albums Only Played One Time Since when Purchased Over 10 Years ago (No Spider Traces)
Unofficial UK Release!

Near Mint Vinyls

(Looks Unplayed in my opinion)

Original 1st UK issue Unlaminated Covers Excellent plus to Near Mint!

Very Collectable Scarce To Find!

I purchased this double LP album about 10 years ago and I have never played it until now. Pink Floyd Eclipsed 2xlp Eclipsed I and Eclipsed II Just played one time to record it for you to hear in the player below.
The album is recordings from the London concert
Live in London, September 16th, 1970 – March, 10th 1971

The vinyls

Both vinyls visually look superb and had never been played before I have just play tested them fully all four sides just before this listing. The vinyls are flat and free of any warping. They are thick and heavy slabs of vinyl.
Despite noticing pressing imperfections/flaws on the playing surfaces both vinyls play through fine to my amazement.

The Audio

All four sides play through without any skips or jumps. Note: The recordings are recorded from live concerts and a tape recorder was used so as you would expect the quality is not great but generally enjoyable. This edition is very collectable and great to have for any avid Floyd fans and pretty scarce and hard to find in this condition. There are the odd isolated light ticks noted and the odd pop which is usual on these pressings.

The Covers

These are the original card type un laminated covers in near mint condition. They have been stored separated from the vinyls for over 10 years. Covers graded at least excellent plus to near mint.

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