Savoy Brown Jack The Toad 1st UK Press Mint


Savoy Brown Jack The Toad 1st UK Press Mint 

1st UK Cat No TXS 112 1st Issue Green Boxed Decca Labels! Earliest -1W -1W Matrix Endings!

Earliest “1” to “1” Mother Stampers On Both Sides! “1” G” Stamped on Side One “1” “G” Side Two!

Stunning Near as Mint Audio Quality! Looks and Sounds Barely Ever played In My Opinon! (Barely a Spider Trace Can Be Seen Around the Spindle Hole)!

Complete With 1st Issue Laminated Front Only Robert Stace Press Cover!

A Stunning Blues Audio Archive Copy !

The Matrix

Side1 “SAHS-1642-1W”
Side2″SAHS 1643-1W” 

The Mother Stampers

Side 1. “1” “G” (Look Earliest “1”to”1″ Mother Stampers)

Side 2 “1” “1” (Look Earliest “1”to”1″ Mother Stampers)

The labels

The original Green BOXED DECCA labels are in awesome condition! (These looks superb as new in my opinion)! Amaizingly I can not see any real spider marks/trails, even when angled to the light and of coarse little if (no) spindle ware the hole is perfectly round. This has only ever been played a handful of times by me only. So rare for a Savoy Brown blues album that is 45 years old! Impossible to find like this! very very collectable!

The vinyl

The vinyl is absolutely superb! On initial visual inspection this looks like new and still retains its sheen from new! (please note this vinyl has only ever been played a couple of times by me personally and I originally played this to record to tape! In the last 45 years this has been stored in a case with the vinyl separated from the sleeve and cover to prevent ring ware and damage. This is how I have always stored my records, and of course I played this again to play grade at very loud volume on a top system! In fact even when I look at the playing surface angled to a strong light I find it hard notice no more than minor whispy surface sleeve removal marks. (Importantly,, Nothing that would cause any nasty loud constant clicks or pops).

The Audio Quality

I have played this through track for track prior to listing at very very loud volume on a top system! The moment the needle hits the playing surface it is obvious this vinyl has barely ever been played at all! The audio quality is as you would expect when purchased new, superbe, TOP, TOP, TOP! cristal clear and extremely vibrant through out in fact this plays truly superb This played through superb unbelievable audio seperationVery vibrant sounding audio separation only found like this on the earliest pressings. Early pressing makes all the difference! Note: Earliest “1” to”1″ Stampers! Barely any interferance noted anything there was minimal in my opinion Note: some isolated static may be heard in quieter places on in between tracks only. This vinyl has been stored separately from the cover in a poly sleeve for over 40 years! This is the way I always have stores my records! The vibrancy of the audio on this pressing in my opinion is almost as good as it gets for a very early 1st issue variation! I would class myself as highly critical and this is a truly exceptional sounding vinyl Please check my completed listings of records that i have sold of this quality and you will see that i normally get it right! I would grade the audio at least near as mint!, in fact I dought you could find better in my opinion It is noted that debrit was seen on the playing surface after play indicating this will need constantcleaning after each play.

The Record Sleeve

This is the original Decca poly lined record sleeve. no splits or tears. very clean. Light creases/browning with age only. Very straight and clean.

The Cover

This is the original and earliest 1st UK issue Robert Stace Press Printed laminated front only gatefold cover! (No Barcode) .

Note: This is generally exceptionally clean with no edge splits or tears. All text is readable.. Note light creases noted on the front top edge and slightly wavy noted but you would have to look for it to notice in my opinion. Crease noted on the inside. Any other storage wear marks are minimal and again not really noticed unless looked for inmy opinion. Overall truly exceptional 44 year old cover. Now always kept stored in a case with the vinyl removed from this cover for protection. This is how I have always stored my records. Cover graded at excellent in my opinion!