The Animals ‘Animal Tracks’ Album 1st UK


The Animals ‘Animal Tracks’ Album 1st UK


Original 1st UK pressing Columbia Records labels ((MONO)) 1965 cat no. 33sx 1708.
Matrix Endings
side1. ‘XAX 2814-1N’ Side 2.’XAX 2815-1N.’


Another from a large collection that was purchased from the BBC Gramophone Library. These records were sent by the manufacturers to be aired on the BBC radio stations to promote their artists. These are an interesting peice of British music history. The BBC Gramophone library boasts of having one of the largest collection of vinyl records.


The Vinyl

The first thing to note is that this vinyl has obviously been played but not over played in my opinion On initial inspection the vinyl looks SUPERBE, importantly this is the original thick ,heavy and chunky slab of vinyl. Any marks that could possibly be seen in strong light would be light whyspy sleeve removal\scuffs and perhapes the odd light minute surface scratch but nothing that was audio sounding on my systems.


The audio is graded as at least excellent to very near excellent plus on my systems,I heard no major problems at all during the audio stunning cristal clear audio throughout, Play tested using a dedicated mono cartride absolutely stunning audio.Please allow for the odd very light static tick but no loud clicks or pops during the audio that I heard and importantly no distortion or signs that this has been overplayed at all!


The audio is graded as near mint perfect on my systems, stunning cristal clear audio throughout.


The Cover

The 1st uk issue Garrod & Lofthouse printed laminated front, flipback cover is almost perfect in appearance at the front apart from the BBC Gramophone Library Sticker featured at the rear. . Extreemely clean for a 45 year old album this cover is graded at least excellent plus.