Traffic The Low Spark Of High Speed Boys


Traffic The Low Spark Of High Speed Boys

1st UK Pressing Island ILPS-9180 Mint Archive

Genre: Prog Rock: Near Mint Archive Looks unplayed in my opinion. 1971 Archive copy. Our Ref:GAZ

Contact me for more info or to request a full Audio file of the recording of this actual album.

Overall grading is Near Mint. The audio is truly exceptional graded at Near Mint throughout absolutely stunning. Features the earliest “”1″” to “”1″” Mother
stampers very rare audio archive.

Temporarily Reserved!


Side 1.  “”ILPS 9180-1u””

|Side 2. “”ILPS 9180-2u””

The Mother Stampers

Side 1 “”1″” “”O””

Side 2 “”1″” “”P””

The Cover

This is the original 1st issue FULLY LAMINATED DIE CUT E.J.Day & Co. cover. Near Mint Throughout in my opinion.

The Vinyl

This vinyl visually looks un-played  in my opinion No visable needle or audio sounding scratches or at least audio sounding marks on the vinyl.
Vinyl playing surface visually graded like a new vinyl.


I have played this vinyl at very loud volume both sides on a top system and I have recorded the vinyl for you to hear for your self. The audio is
exceptionally clear and bright without any signs of distortion or that this has been over played in any way at all. Stunning vibrant sound only found
like this on the earliest pressings.  Near Mint through out no clicks or pops.


The vinyl and cover is in truly exceptional condition for a 48 year old Traffic lp. This album is a collectors copy.Never need to upgrade in my opinion.