Uriah Heep Live 1st UK Press MiNt ArChIVe 1973 Bronze Labels


Uriah Heep Live 1st UK Press MiNt ArChIVe 1973 Bronze Labels

Uriah Deep Live (Jan 1973) ISLD 1 1973 Double lp Bronze labels Complete


Side 1 “ISLD 1 A-2”
Side 2 “ISLD 1 B-2
Side 3 “ISLD 2 A-1”
Side 4 “ISLD 2 B-1

The Cover

This is the original fully laminated gatefold cover complete with the 10 page colour program in near mint condition. A beauty no creases rubbing is slight only. The spine is square there are no splits or tears.

The Vinyl

Both records are lovely and look unplayed in my opinion. The records glee. Visually I can not see any scratched or marks.

The Audio

I have fully play test the records prior to this description. This plays through clear and very vibrant through out on all four sides. There is the odd isolated pop/tick that may be heard here and there only. No crackle or static heard at all and no nasty background noise at all. Overall Audio graded at Excellent plus to very near mint.
Both records will need a constant cleaning before each play to reduce any static/ticks/pops because they have been laying dormant in a case for over 40 years.

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