About Beatles UK EMI Matrix and Mother Stampers

About Beatles UK EMI Matrix and Mother Stampers

On this page we will explain how to decode the matrix and mother stampers on a UK EMI vinyl.,Typically an original 1966 UK Beatles record.

The Matrix:

This can be found on the run off grooves typically at six oclock and would have for example –1 or perhaps –2 endings an example of a matrix, Let us say for a UK Beatles mono Rubber Soul would be XEX 638-1

The ‘XEX’ prefix would =mono The ‘YEX’ prefix would=stereo

-1 indicates the first lacquer that was made -2 would indicate the second lacquer that was made –3 the third and so on!

With looking at the matrix at six oclock we can see a set of markings at three and nine oclock.

At nine oclock these are the mother for example this could be a number #5

At three oclock these are the stamper codes:

It is important to note that EMI used a code ‘’GRAMOPHLTD’’

G=1 R=2 A=3 M=4 O=5 P=6 H=7 L=8 T=9 D=0 

So if for example our Beatles Rubber Soul Had the letters ‘G R M’ at three oclock, the stamper code would be G=1 R=2 M=4 STAMPER #124

So in my example on one side we see that this was made from the first lacquer, by the #5th mother and pressed by the #124th stamper!

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