Beatles Vinyl DNA Mobile App

Beatles Vinyl DNA Mobile App

About 6 years ago I experimented with designing a very basic App for mobile phones to help identify The Beatles 1st UK pressings for the main releases of their UK albums catalogue. Together with some helpful information about how a vinyl is made and some talk about stampers codes etc.

Beatles Vinyl DNA Mobile App

I thought that this information although a basic insight and just scratching the surface of these subjects, may also be helpful or interesting for others to be able to read it on our website. The App can still be downloaded on an Android mobile platform but the info can now be accessed from myself. If you want to download the app from me then please send me a message. The original downloads was originalkly on our old servers.

Due to the many questions that I get about Beatles related UK records it will now also be helpful to me to be able to direct them to this section.

Again I would appreciate your feedback, and if you could leave me your comments and info that would help to enhance the app.

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