Brook Guitars Tavy Fan Fret Guitar in Blender Cycles

This is my second guitar modelling attempt using Blender Cycles software.
This time my subject was my Brook Tavy fan fretted custom handmade guitar. It was relatively quick and easy to acheive a fair result, having completed a simular but more difficult guitar to model in my first attempt at guitar modelling.

I had made a few mistakes with my first project so this time I tried to take more care with my body mesh in order for it render smoother curves and flat surfaces in the right places.

Brook Tavy in Blender Cycles16-

This time I added a cloth background using the cloth simulation to try to acheive a drapped curtain background effect. This was all done in the Blender cycles engine. I still need to do a little work on the top of the headstock to smooth out some of the angles ,when I find some time.

Please let me know your views and ideas? The next few images are my attempts of showing the guitars with different background scenarios.

Brook Tavy in Blender Cycles-4


The above image is a front view of the guitar rendered with a yellow background a floor and a wall.

Brook Guitar Blender Cycles-36

The next image is my attempt to give the impression that the guitars are pouched on pedistals up in the mountains.

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