Beatles Please Please Me 1963 Mono 4th Press


Beatles Please Please Me 1963 Mono 4th Press

The Beatles “Please Please Me” 1963 (Debut Album)

Original 4th UK Pressing Cat NO. PMC 1202  Y/B Parlophone Labels!

(((MONO))) 55 Years Old Like This!

Stunning Excellent Plus to Very,Very Near Mint Audio! ( Isolated light interference only in the form of static ticks or pops in between tracks or intros only)

Earliest XEX 522-1N & XEX 423-1N Matrix Endings

Complete With Emitex Poly lined Record Sleeve
Original UK Press Laminated Front E.J.Day & Co Large Flip Back Cover!

An original early  4th UK pressing variation of The Beatles debut album “Please Please Me!” 1963 recording and released in 1963! This mono pressing features the earliest  -1N-1N matrix variation   Beatles UK  pressings in top condition with decent near mint audio quality are becoming extremely scarce to find especially like this being over 55 years old!   There is minimal light general wear and tear with age and use. Please note! The vinyls playing surface is very nice and clean, importantly there are no nasty marks that cause any interference in the form of any loud constant clicks or pops during the absolutely stunning top audio through out!  It is quite obvious that the vinyl has been played but there are no nasty audio sounding marks on the vinyl that would cause any loud constant clicks or pops and certainly no skips or jumps during the audio! Please note! Any who know that my main interest in vinyl is the audio quality. Play tested three times on a top system prior to this listing using a dedicated mono cartridge!

Near Mint Audio Archive Copy!

The Matrix

Side 1 “XEX 421-1N(Earliest Possible for mono only 1st Press)

Side 2 “XEX 422-1N” (Earliest Possible for mono only 1st Press)

The Mother Stampers

Side1 “7 6″”GDL”
Side2 “4 5” “GGD”

The Audio Quality

I have played this vinyl two times prior to listing, at very loud volume on a top system, importantly, using a dedicated mono cartridge. This 55 year old vinyl plays through superbly my opinion! Clear and very vibrant with that deep bassey feel , only found like this on these earliest mono originals! I heard (no) loud constant clicks or pops during the main audio and amazingly no real nasty surface or background static during the audio and importantly no distortion or signs that this has been overplayed at all!

The Labels

This is the original Yellow and Black Parlophone labels! without ”SOLD IN THE UK…………”  Across the labels.(Only 1st UK press) ”THE PARLOPHONE  CO LTD …” Around the label rims (only 1ST UK press)  ”MADE IN GREAT BRITAIN”.! (UK PRESS ONLY)! “Recording 1st published 1963….” (only 4th pressings)

The Record Sleeve

This is the original Emitex ,poly lined record sleeve (Correct for this pressing) Becoming fragile light general creasing /fading/browning with age only No edge splits or tears.  Please note, THIS IS THE ORIGINAL .

The Cover

The original   Original UK PRESS  E.J.Day & Co Ltd Printed. super glossy  laminated front,  with large flipbacks at the rear of the cover! Overall exceptionally clean concidering that this is 55 years old. There are no real nasty creases on the front worth to mention. Very minor edge creases noted on the front in the laminate and minor light lines at the spine edges but in my opinion nothing too bad at all.  The rear is generally clean and free of any handwriting any marks/fading are light only in my opinion. Some creases noted at the flipbacks but very very clean in general very rare to find like this indeed!.   This cover must grade at least better than excellent in my opinion.

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