Boston UK Pressing CBS EPC 81611 1976 Mint Archive


Boston  UK Pressing CBS Labels Cat No. ‘EPC 81611’ 1976 Near Mint Archive Copy

Boston is the debut studio album by Boston-based American rock band Boston. Produced by Tom Scholz and John Boylan, the album was released on August 25, 1976 in the United States by Epic Records. Scholz had first begun playing music in the late 1960s after graduating from MIT with a master’s degree, which led to a senior position at Polaroid.

After being involved in the Boston music scene for several years, Scholz concentrated on demos recorded in his apartment basement with singer Brad Delp. His previous group, Mother’s Milk, had received numerous rejection letters from major record labels in the early 1970s. By 1975, the demo tape had fallen into the hands of CBS-owned Epic Records, who signed the band. Epic wanted the band to record in Los Angeles with a record producer; Scholz was unwilling and desired to record the album in his basement studio. He hired John Boylan to run interference with the label and, in an elaborate ruse, trick them into thinking the band was recording on the West Coast when in reality the bulk was being tracked solely by Scholz at his Massachusetts home. The album’s contents are a complete recreation of the band’s demo tape, and contain songs written and composed many years prior. The album’s style, often referred to as the “Boston sound”, was developed through Scholz’s love of classical music, melodic hooks and guitar-heavy rock groups such as the Kinks and the Yardbirds.
The LP was first issued by Epic in August 1976 and sold mightily, breaking sales records and becoming one of the best-selling debut albums of all time. Boston’s style was abducted by label executives and imitated by bands to create radio-friendly “corporate rock,” of which the band was also accused. The album’s singles, most notably “More Than a Feeling” and “Long Time”, were both AM and FM hits, and nearly the entire album receives constant rotation on classic rock radio. The album has been referred to as a landmark in 1970s rock and has been included on many lists of essential albums. The album has sold 17 million copies in the United States alone and 20 million worldwide.



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Matrix Endings:
Side 1.  “A2”
|Side 2. “B2”

The Cover
This is the original unlaminated  cover printed by Shorerwood Packaging. There is no splits or tares and amaizingly no real nasty creases to mention. This must grade as excellent plus to near as mint in my opinion.

The Labels
Epic labels 1st issue some flaking around the edges on side two but looks unplayed in my opinion, no spidering.

The Vinyl.
This vinyl looks barely played a minimal amount of times only in my opinion No visable scratches or at least audio sounding marks on the vinyl. This looks unplayed in my opinion Near Mint copy:

I have played this vinyl at very loud volume both sides on a top system. The audio is exceptionally clear and bright without any signs of distortion or that this has been over played in any way at all. Stunning vibrant sound only found like this on the earliest pressings. Audio graded at least Excellent plus to good as it gets through out no loud clicks or pops.


Exceptional sounding original copy. A joy to play and listen to. Highly collectable like this.

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