Ozzy Osbourne (Black Sabbath) Talk Of The Devil 1st UK Mint Archive


Ozzy Osbourne (Black Sabbath) Talk Of The Devil 1st UK Mint Archive

Ozzy Osbourne “Talk Of The Devil” (Double LP set)

1982 Original 1st UK Press (Heavy Metal Monster) (No Barcode)

Cat No:JETDP 401 JET Labels

Stunning Near As Mint Audio ARCHIVE!

Earliest A2, B1 and C1, D1 Matrix endings!

An awesome original early copy of ‘Ozzy osbourne’ ‘Talk Of The Devil’ originally released in 1982.

The most important thing about this copy is the absolutely stunning audio quality and feel. This copy is up there as one of the best sounding copies of this album that I have heard! Looks and sounds just like it would have when it came from the shop

Purchased from new over 30 years ago. Initially only ever played this to record to tape and then stored in a case with the vinyl separated from the sleeve and cover for protection. This is how I have always stored my records! Earliest A2,B1 and C1,D1 Matrix endings. Superb crystal clear and vibrant very near as mint audio quality very, very hard to find like this. Note: I find it hard to see mo more than a handful of spider traces around the spindle holes. A beautiful sounding copy! One of the best sounding copies of this album that I have ever heard. This is complete with the original UK printed Printed gate fold cover in straight condition also with light storage wear only to mention. The vinyl looks barely played in my opinion, certainly not over played. The audio delivery was lovely clear and vibrant throughout.(Any interfereance is minimal in my opinion) Graded near mint.

What is truly exceptional is the awesome audio quality, rare like this a beauty!

A highly collectable Archive copy final Upgrade!

The matrix

Side1. ”JET DP 401 A2” (‘Machine Stamped)

Side2. ”JET DP 401 B1” (‘Machine Stamped)

Side1. ”JET DP 401 C1” (‘Machine Stamped)

Side2. ”JET DP 401 D1” (‘Machine Stamped)

The vinyls

On initial inspection all four sides look superb in my opinion and gleems still retaining its sheen from new, This looks only ever played a few times in my opinion. The records lay perfectly flat on the turntable and is free from any warping.

Even in strong light these look awesome, Please note most of the vinyls storage life it has been in a separate poly sleeve to minimise any sleeve removal marks\scuffs. Any marks that could possibly ever be seen under a strong light would only be just light wyspy scuffs/sleeve removal.

The Audio Quality

Any who know this album would appreciate that there are many quiet slow parts and this audio is absolutely exceptional crystal clear and vibrant through out with (no) loud constant clicks or pops and certainly no skips or jumps! More importantly (no) distortion or any signs that this has been overplayed ,infact this has only ever been played a few times! (Note: Please allow for isolated static type tick, ticks heard during some intros and in quieter places or in between tracks worth to mention.) Cristal clear and very vibrant audio original UK press!

Very Nice playable and enjoyable copy!Audio Graded Near mint in my opinion. Listen to the full album, all four sides in the player above.

Please note! This vinyl has been stored in a case laying dormant for many years, A build up of dirt and dust in the grooves causes static crackle\ticks!,,A constant clean before each play is recommended! This will reduce any static and will enhance the audio quality!

The labels

These are the original Jet labels.

Amazingly I find it hard to see no more than a few feint spider traces even when looked at an angled in strong light ! Little if no spindle wear the spindle hole is perfectly round with absolutely no ware at all that I can see! All indications are that this has barely ever been played in my opinion.

The record sleeve

These are the original plain white paper sleeves. No edge splits or tears clean and straight.
Note: the records are now always stored seperately from the sleeve and cover. This is how I have always stored my records.

The cover

This is the original 1st issue, 1st UK Press un-laminated glossy gate fold cover with no barcode (Only 1st UK Press) in exceptional condition throughout. Any storage wear noticed is only if looked for only in my opinion in the form of very very minor slight rubbing wear at the edges to mention but you have to look to notice in my opinion. Amazingly no real nasty creases to mention. The spine is square and all writing is readable. light edge rubbing only. Graded at least excellent to excellent plus in my opinion!

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