Queen News Of The World 1st UK Press Mint Archive


Queen News Of The World 1st UK Press Mint Archive

1st UK Pressing Cat No EMA 784

Earliest possible Matrix -2 -1 Endings!

Earliest “1” to “1” Mother Stampers on side 1! (For the best audio found on vinyl)

Near As Mint Audio Quality! (The Best Sounding Copy That I Have Ever Heard)

Just Barely A Spider Trail Can Be Seen At All Around The Spindle Hole! Looks Almost As Un played In My Opinon!!

Complete Garrod & Lofthouse 1st Issue Gatefold Cover Stunning Top Condition!

Only played A Once Or Twice by me ever! Unbeleivably rare!

An Archive Copy Never Need To Upgrade!

Another from my personal collection. I own all of the QUEEN albums and I have most of the UK variations that I know of.

This being their sixth Queen album released over 41 years ago ! All of my Queen albums listed will be near mint Audio Archive copies and some may even be unplayed or at least only played once or twice only!

This album was originally only ever played initially to record to tape and then stored in a case with the vinyl separated from the sleeve and cover for protection. This is how I have always stored my records. This is an early 1st UK pressing so rare to find this mega earliest -2 -1 matrix endings.

The vinyl

This has only ever been played by me two times ever from new and the audio is to die for absolutely stunning through out! On initial inspection the vinyl looks unplayed in my opinion I can just barely see one feint visable spider trail around the spindle hole!

The Audio

Ther audio quality is so rich and vibrant it nearly shook the house down. Possibly the best sounding copy that I have heard! (Note: Alowances must be made for these mid seventies pressings ticks and pops are common caused due to the nature of the way that the vinyl was supplied in a card record sleeve. Dirt and grit trapped in the sleeve caused surface scratches which is why I now and have done for forty odd years, stored my vinyls seperately from the sleeves and covers.) Although I never heard any thing worth to mention.

The Cover

The original 1st issue Garrod & Lofthouse unlaminated gate fold cover has no splits or tears and has very,very,very minor storagewear worth to mention graded excellent in my opinion. Lovely square spine! Overall exceptional condition the vinyl looks almost unplayed lovely and clean see photos! A very clean Vinyl/Audio Archive copy!


The Matrix

side 1. ”YAX 5355-2
side 2. ”YAX 5356-1

The Mother Stampers

Side 1 “5” “HO”
Side 2 “1” “RG” (Look Earliest “1” to “1 Mother Stampers for the best audio found on vinyl)

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