Tempest Debut 1st UK Press Monster Prog Rock


Tempest Debut 1st UK Press Monster Prog Rock

 Original 1st UK Press Cat No ILPS 9220 Bronze Labels
Very, Very Rare and Scarce Earliest Original!
Near Mint Vinyl (Looks Unplayed)
Stunning Top Near As Mint Audio Quality
Loud Cut Stunning Audio Archive!
Earliest A-3 B-2 Matrix
LOOK! Unbeleivable Rare Earliest Possible “1””G” and “1” “G” Mother Stampers!
Impossibly Rare!!

Stunning 1st UK issue MacNeil Press Gate Fold Cover!
Complete with original Lyric Insert Record Sleeve!

Heavy Prog Rock, Psych Archive Copy!
Final Upgrade! RARE!

The Matrix

Side 1 ILPS9220 A-3
Side 2 “ILPS 9220 B-2

The Mother Stampers
Side 1 “1” G” (WOW! Earliest Possible “1 to 1” Mother Stampers!)
Side 2 “1” “G” (WOW! Earliest Possible “1 to 1” Mother Stampers!)

The Vinyl

Note: This is the original thicker heavy type of vinyl. On visual inspection this looks almost as new in my opinion. I find it hard to even see a blemish on the playing surface, any that could possibly be seen angled to the light would be sleeve removal scuffs only. The vinyl lays perfectly flat on the turntable and is free of any warping. Importantly, there are no visual marks that would cause any loud constant clicks or pops during the play of this vinyl. Note This is the thicker and heavier type of vinyl only found like this on the earliest 1st UK pressings.

The Audio Quality

I have play tested the vinyl two times on two different turntables/systems at very loud volume prior to this listing. Once for you to hear the complete album. (Can be heard in the player above)
The moment that the needle hits the playing surface it is obvious to me that this has barely ever been played at all. Crystal clear and vibrant stunning top audio throughout the play of this vinyl. The best sounding copy that you could ever hope to find in my opinion. Very very rare and scarce to find like this. Please note: Earliest possible mother stampers makes this barely ever played vinyl possibly the best audio experience that you could ever find on vinyl in my opinion. I would grade the audio at Near as Mint through out! An Audio Archive copy. Definitely final upgrade quality!

I always add this disclaimer! Please note! Allowances must be made for these pressings. Debrit was noted on the playing surface after play. A constant clean before each play is recommended because this vinyl has been stored in a case laying dormant for over 35 years. A build up of dirt and dust in the grooves causes static ticks/ crackle. constant cleaning before each play will reduce this and enhance the audio quality.

The Labels

These are the original 1st issue BRONZE Records labels (Only 1st UK press) Amazingly I can’t see any spider marks even angled to the light! This has only ever been played two or three times ever! There is little if no spindle wear the hole is perfectly round. Very,very,very rare like this!

The Record Sleeve

This is the original 1st issue paper lyric insert record sleeve. This is straight and generally very clean with some very, very slight browning/fading at the edges to mention only. There are no edge splits or tears. The vinyl is always stored separately from the vinyl. This is how I have always stored my records.

The Cover

This is the original 1st issue Un laminated MacNeil Press printed cover. Super clean and straight. No nasty creases to report and any storage wear is only really noticed if looked for in my opinion. Being primarily black in color this original 45 year old cover is truly exceptional. Any rubbing noticed is generally slight only in my opinion. Any edge crease lines are minor in my opinion. Any edge rubbing is very slight only and not noticed unless looked for in my opinion. The spine is square and straight all text is readable any wear is negligible. Rich and very vibrant colors. These black covers with the flimsy flap, are very hard to keep in this condition after 45 years! I would grade this cover at excellent in my opinion. I doubt that you would find a better looking original cover after 45 years.


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