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Apple Mac OS or Windows 7 for Audio Mastering and Photoshop Design?

Apple Imac

Apple Mac OS or Windows 7 for Audio Mastering and Photoshop Design?

I originally purchased my Apple Imac about three years ago with the pure intention of running Windows 7 under boot camp and rarely using the Mac Operating system for fear of incompatibility with the software that I was using. So why did I buy an Imac rather than an all in one PC based model? I just loved the Apple hardware designs and the pure ruggedness of the sytem compared to other All in one PC based systems that I had seen. Also I guess that there was a bit of curiosity about wanting to know more about the Mac OS.
I did indeed install Windows 7 using Boot camp and was insured 100% compatibility of my software using Windows 7 on the Mac because it has an Intel chip inside.


How Wrong Was I?

In a short period I began to notice the differences between the two operating systems.

Stability of programes and loading start up time differences were a huge factor why I chose the Mac OS.

Graphics and interface again in some cases this is like chalk and cheese why would I use Windows for designing, when on a Mac operating system, it looks so much better?

For three years now I have never had to install third party Antivirus or Firewall software on my Mac which is a huge plus for me.

I now no longer require Windows 7 on my Imac and have subsequently totally un installed this from my machine.


We have a fuller Article about all these points that you can read here.



Please let me know about your views?

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