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FA-66: Audio: FireWire With Mac OSX


FA-66:  Audio: FireWire With Mac OSX


I have been using the FA-66 Audio FireWire interface primarily with my Macbook Pro on the  OSX operating system with Logic Pro for over three years now.
It has been perfect for me because I am often mobile and on the road it has been robust and I have had no problems at all using this.

I love the solid metal case construction the build quality has proved the test of time. The Fa-66  has FireWire bus power. It has Zero-Latency Direct Monitoring which means that I can listen to audio being recorded directly without using any other software. The Direct Monitoring function allows the input to go straight to the output for zero-latency monitoring. The FA-66 also offers ultra low latency when monitoring through software or performing with software synths through the Apple CoreAudio driver.
The Edirol FA-66 has always been reliable and offered excellent audio .


FireWire Connection Perfect For Mobile Use.

It’s great because whilst using this mobile it can be powered by connecting one FireWire (6-pin to 6-pin) cable to my laptop. There is also an option to ower the unit with an AC adaptor if need be.

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