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First Hand Made Fan Fretted Brook Acoustic Guitar

First Hand Made Fan Fretted Brook Acoustic Guitar


It was made for me by the top hand made luthiers, Brook Guitars, run by Simon and Andy based in the heart of the Westcountry, Devon, England. The look and feel of this guitar is outstandingly beautiful. I believe that this was one of the first fan fretted guitars that they had been asked to make and actually made for a customer. Since the great success of this fan fretted guitar they have made many more for other customers.


See the guitar at 360 degrees rotate and spin and the complete article from the home page under ‘My Guitars’ , in our  ‘Articles’section or  Click here


I am looking forward to my newly commissioned fran fretted guitar which will be ready in early 2014. We will be featureing an article about this, also showing illustrations of the early stages of the making of this guitar also describing about the woods that I have chosen. Coming Soon! Thanks again to Simon and Andy at Brook Guitars.

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