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Wanted Records collections and Hi Fi Decks Top Prices Paid

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WANTED Records We Buy Collections and Hi Fi Decks Top Prices Paid!


Top Prices paid for vintage vinyl records, collections old Hi Fi Record Decks and Guitars.

We are collectors of vintage vinyl records, Record Deck hi Fi systems.and Guitars. If you have any of these items Records, Record Decks or guitars taking up space in your loft and are thinking of having a clear them out why not give us a call we will ay the best prices for these in superb condition.

Vintage Records

Any vintage records considered but condition is of the most importance to us give us a call or contact us and we will let you know what to look for. The 60s and 70s era are of great interest to us but earlier or later interesting records would be considered. Genres of main interest are Folk,Jazz,60s Pop,Beat, Rock, Rock’n’Roll, Progressive Rock, Metal, Heavy Metal etc. They don’t particularly have to be rare and very large collections are of great interest, so if they are in really superb condition give us a call.

We also purchase vintage hi Fi record systems, Amplifiers Speakers Record Decks.

So why not give us a call or send us a message there is nothing to loose? Vintage Hi Fi Equipment We are interested in vintage hi fi equipment for example Record decks, Amplifiers Speakers etc. that is in fully working order. Anything considered from the late 50s to the late 70s is of great interest.

Vintage Guitars

We are also collectors of vintage guitars. Electric guitars Acoustic guitars or bass guitars etc Please do not hesitate to give us a call.

For our music production and composition please visit our website at Mootzart

One thought on “Wanted Records collections and Hi Fi Decks Top Prices Paid

  1. Hello,I have alot of good VTG 60s-70s vinyl albums. One in particular caught my intrest because of the story of the artist. Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys only solo album”pacific ocean blue” I saw the markings in the matrix and have been doing alot of research! It’s very confusing look. Anyway I believe I have the first pressing but not sure if it’s first release? I also have alot of the late 60s early 70s Readers digest complete sets. One in particular has my intrest because it’s in a total different box. Dance party is the name on the all white box but when I look it up all I see is a blue box with pictures. Just thought maybe this was the first set/collection. Anyway if you have any info on what to look for on Dennis Wilson’s album from Caribou records would be great and if your intrested in buying any of the albums i mentioned please let me know,from there I will let you know what others I have. Thanks and hope to hear back
    Sincerely Kathy

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