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What Is A First Pressed Vinyl Record?

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What Is A First Pressed Vinyl Record?

So here is a question that I have been asked time and time again. I have decided to write a short article about it How Do We Define A 1st Pressing – Pressed Vintage Vinyl Record?

A 1st pressing record is a record that was pressed from the 1st original masters. There seems to be some controversy between record collectors of what is a 1st pressing as opposed to a ‘1st issue’.

I had written a couple of articles previously, about recod stampers and matrix numbers along with a brief article explaining how a vinyl is made which many have found very useful. So In my latest article I discuss more about 1st pressings and why we even need to know if we have a first pressing.


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How Do We Define A 1st Pressing – Pressed Vintage Vinyl Record?

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