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Brook Guitar Tavy Fan Fret in Blender Cycles

Brook Tavy in Blender Cycles-13

Brook Guitar Tavy Fan Fret in Blender Cycles

Here is my second attempt at modelling a guitar in Blender cycles. This one is my Brook Custom fan Fretted Tavy. The first guitar that I had made for me by Brook guitars.
It was a lot quicker for me this time around because the guitar is mainly symetrical in shape as opposed to the first guitar that I modelled. I am getting to grips with the smoothing tecniques. The image here shows the guitar rendered with a curtain draped background that I was able to achieve using the cloth simulation in Cycles render engine.

Brook Tavy in Blender Cycles-14

Different Rendered Backgrounds

The next two images show the similar setup as the first image but with a different colour added to the cutain background.

Brook Tavy in Blender Cycles-15 Brook Tavy in Blender Cycles16-


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