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LMN Radio Theme Composed by MootzArt

LMN Radio Theme Composed by MootzArt

LMN Radio


MootzArt Was commissioned to help compose the theme music for the Local website and radio station LMN Late Night In The Midlands.


Michael Vara Wrote on the LMN website. “Jake worked with me for a few months from scratch to create my LNM theme start up music for Late Night in the Midlands and he took the time to make sure I was happy and I am very happy with his work and his commitment to finish what he starts. Thank you Jake.”

The show explores everything from UFO’s to Government Conspiracy & things that go bump in the night. Michael Vara created Late Night In The Midlands for you, bringing you the best guest with the best information, also bringing you World Watchers a show Michael Vara produces  & co-host on Wednesday Nights.

So join them on week nights from 9pm until 12am eastern time & be sure to check out other shows on the LNM Radio Network at

If you have a special interest in a project for theme music etc, and you need some music compiled written or composed. Give us a call at the link below.

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For our music production and composition please visit our website at Mootzart

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