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Native Instruments VST/AU – Massive

Massive Instruments

Why Native Instruments Massive VST/AU Sonic Monster?


 Native Instruments VST/AU – Massive

As said on the Native Instrument website “Massive is a sonic monster, the ultimate synth for basses and leads…The high-end engine delivers pure quality, lending an undeniable virtue and character to even the most saturated of sounds”

Now, the question I tend to ask as a new user is… what can it do? Am I smart enough to get along with it? let me just say that Massive is a very ‘cool’ and easy to use piece of software! After all it had 600 ready to use presets to attempt to get bored with, but I would like to say that it is very difficult to get bored, even knowing you are flicking thru the work of another. And after all of that, Massive now contains over 1,300 sounds created by the leading artists and sound designers.

A lot of people tend spend a lot of time going thru presets, trying to connect their ideas to the sounds that they find within Massive. Most people will forget their original plan and become flooded with new ideas given to them from the vast sea of beautifully audible preset sounds, the good thing about Massive is the ability Native Instruments have given to the user to manipulate the perimeters of the sound to create a newly bred version of the original sound, using its ‘Macro Controls’ to carefully and precisely tinker with the sound and its individual parts to create a totally new one, no need to go on a year after year course… just twist the dial.

Not only is Massive a very useful tool to use within a studio environment I think that it is also very aesthetically pleasing piece of software, well laid out and easily learnt by new comers.


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Massive Instruments 

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