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How a vinyl Record is made and stampers identification

Rolling Stones Matrix Stampers

How a vinyl Record is made and stampers identification

Over the past few months I have been asked several times about stampers matrix and mothers on records etc. What are they, where can they be found? In order to help explain what these identification marks are and how to find them. To help us, it is handy to have a basic understanding on how a vinyl is made.

 Rolling Stones Matrix Stampers

We now have added some articles to our record collecting section, it includes some helpful basic information about the manufacturing process of how a vinyl record is made and the mastering process, also two separate sections explaining identification of stampers for early Decca records which were used typically for UK Rolling Stones records and another for early EMI stampers which were used typically for UK Beatles records. We hope that this information will help you to better understand how to identify some of your vintage records.

Below are links on this site to the three articles related to this topic.

1: How a vinyl record is made

2: About Beatles UK EMI matrix and mother stampers

3: About Decca UK matrix and mother stampers

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